Vision & Mission

National Vision 

A Transformed Ugandan Society From A Peasant To Modern And Prosperous Country Within 30 Years

District Vision

Sustained Service Delivery , Business Oriented Population In A Clean And Healthy Productive Environment

District Mision Statement

To Serve The Community Through Coordinated Delivery Of Services Which Focus On The National Priorities Of Significant Local Needs In Order To Promote Sustainable Development Of District And The Nation At Large

Overall District Goal:

 To improve on Service Delivery and eradicate poverty among the population by promoting income generating activities in the District.

Medium Term Development Objectives:

The District has developed the following medium term objectives: -

·        To contribute to sustainable growth of the local community

·        to improve on the District infrastructural set-up and ensure that service delivery standards are met,

·        to ensure improved welfare of the Community,

·        to promote democratic and accountable Local Governance,

·        to ensure disaster mitigation measures are in place.