Kapchorwa District Local Government is technically headed by the Chief Administrative Officer - Mr Bukone Richard Sajjabi and Deputized by Mr Robert Owilli Abia. Administrative Set-up: The District comprises of one County; Tingey County, one Municipal Council; Kapchorwa Municipal Council, one Town Council; Sipi Town Council (not operational), 11 Rural Sub-Counties and 3 Divisions (East, Central and West). It has 85 approved Parishes/Wards, 58 rural and 27 Urban, 641 approved Villages/Cells 433 Rural and 208 Urban. The administrative Structure is composed of 10 departments, 1 Town Councils and 6 Sub-counties as outlined in the table: Departments 1. Administration 2. Finance 3. Health 4. Community Based Services 5. Natural Resources 6. Education and Sports 7. Production and Marketing 8. Works and Engineering 9. Planning 10. Audit Town Councils

The District Council is composed of 33 members of Council including the District Chairperson. The District Council is headed by the District Chairperson, Hon. Chebet Evelyne Kubarika.deputised by Vice Chairperson - Mr. Kusuro Michael.
Area Members of Parliament:

The following are the Area Members of Parliament:

• Hon. Cheptoris Sam Mangusho, Member of Parliament for Kapchorwa Municipality who is also the Minister of Water and Environment.
• Hon. Twalla Fadhil, Member of Parliament for Tingey County.
• Hon. Chemutai Phyllis, Woman Member of Parliament.
The following are the officers that head different Departments in the service.

1. Administration Robert Abia Owilli Deputy Chief Administrative Officer
2. Finance Kurong James Ag. Chief Finance Officer
3. Production Sabila Felix District Production Officer
4. Community Based Aseko Harriet District Community Dev’t Officer
5. Health Dr Siraji Masai District Health Officer
6. Natural Resources Chemangei Awadh District Natural Resources Officer
7. Education Eryatu David Ag. District Education Officer
8. Works and Technical Services Musobo Joseph Bukose Ag. District Engineer
9. Planning Unit Teko Andrew Bayi District Planner
10. Trade Industry & LED Yeko Justine Jims
Ag. District Commercial Officer
11. Internal Audit Alex Kiplangat Principal Internal Auditor