Works & Technical

The Directorate of Works and Technical Services:

District Roads:

 Kapchorwa lies on the slopes of Mt Elgon. All its roads lie on a hilly terrain.  Currently, the total road Network has increased from 462.55k to 493.55km of which 196km constitute District roads, 167 municipality roads and 270 km Community access roads. District roads are maintained by DLG and Community Access roads by sub counties. Broadly, these roads are maintained under routine, periodic and rehabilitation maintenance systems. FY, 2020/2021, Council through District Roads committee (DRC) prioritised to maintain 80Km on routine manual, 12Km on routine mechanized maintenance and construction of 2 bridges i.e. upper Sipi and Lower Sirimityo. All funded under URF.

The Works Sector comprises of two Departments (the Department of Roads and Technical Services and that of Rural Water and Sanitation). The sector ensures proper quality in design, construction, inspection and maintenance of all Local Administration building structures. The national roads are developed and maintained by the Ministry of Works and Transport. The District Local Government maintains district roads while Community access roads are the responsibility of the Lower Local Government.